"Everything currently offered is perfect. Amazing resource, women are lucky to have you. Thank you for being here, very much appreciated :)"Continued

"My nurse was thoughtful, empathetic, and engaging. Thank you for the best possible version of a potentially uncomfortable experience!"Continued

Everybody working at the clinic is kind, caring, genuine, I have never experienced anything like it in any other health clinic.Continued

The staff is welcoming and kind to people who are in hard situations. All their services are free which takes big burdens off anything people are going through. I’m thankful for this clinic and the amazing people and services they...Continued

Seriously, these ladies were AMAZING and sooo sweet!! Thank you for your help and support. I'm extremely grateful for the services you offer.Continued

Thank you for asking 'would you like to talk about your spiritual life?' That was so respectful and understanding. Not what I expected at all!Continued