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Did you know? It’s STD Awareness Week!

This week is all about the importance of #GYT, or Get Yourself Tested. 

At Alpha Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, many of our patients come to us and report that this is their first time being tested, or that even if they’ve been tested before, they report only using a condom during sexual encounters on a “sometimes” or “never” basis. 

How common are STDs?

In 2019, the CDC reported that there were 26 million new STD cases being reported, and almost half of them were among sexually active individuals between 15-24 years old. This is up from five years ago, when the number was 19 million! Roughly 1 in 5 individuals has an STD, and for this reason, it is recommended that you are at least annually, or more frequently depending on your risk factors.

I’m not experiencing symptoms of an STD, do I have to get tested?

Routine testing is important because common STDs such as chlamydia often don’t present with symptoms. This means that even if you feel fine, you can still unknowingly pass an STD to a partner. See this blog post for more.

How does the std testing appointment work?

Alpha Center provides routine, confidential STD testing at no cost to our patients. During your appointment, you can expect to meet with a nurse to go over your medical and sexual health history, and then you will be tested for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. For all individuals, this includes a blood test. Additionally, for biological females testing will include a vaginal self swab, while for biological males testing will include a urine sample. 

We then send your samples to a lab and you can expect to get your results back within a week, whether you have positive or negative results. Alpha Center treats positive cases of Chlamydia, and for other positive results we can provide a copy of your test results so that you can be treated by your primary care provider. 

Nervous about getting tested? 

It’s totally normal to be nervous to talk to a provider about your sex life, and it’s hard to know what to expect. As the only free STD testing provider in Fort Collins, we’re experts in the unexpected. We strive to provide excellent care free of judgment. 

How do I make an STD testing appointment? Are appointments required?

Appointments are required for STD testing at Alpha Center, and can be made by calling us at 970.239.2272 or by requesting an appointment online.

See what our patients have said: 

Y’all were so respectful and supportive, especially compared [to] most healthcare experiences I have had!”

“This was a fantastic visit that was not embarrassing or nerve wracking. Very nice people and a comfortable atmosphere. Thank you guys!”



Last updated April 2022