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Providing Hope | Colorado Gives Day 2018
The service most widely requested by community members at Alpha Center is our STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, with 327 tests done since the beginning of this year (as of November 5). The need in our community is great. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that there are at least 19 million new sexually transmitted infections per year. Our location right across from the CSU campus means that we see a lot of students, and we have seen individuals as young as 14 and as old as 65.

Providing STI testing allows us to provide care for individuals not often reached by the Christian community. It is also an opportunity to provide education on safe sexual practices and if needed, connect them with our professional relationship counseling. Some of our clients have later returned to us as a trusted source of help when they have found themselves pregnant, and we are honored to be seen as a safe place.

One client we were recently able to connect with is Sarah*, a young adult who came in for STI testing after relapsing into IV drug use. During her time with us, she expressed a desire to make positive changes in her life and seemed excited about the possibilities ahead of her.

A few weeks later at her STI testing follow-up, Sarah returned to us, still visibly using. She was broken and devastated. Even so, she received loving care from our staff and our volunteer doctor that day. Later, we were even able to connect her with our counselor, Dr. Mike.

Sarah’s story still has so much left to be written, and even in the midst of the pain she continues to come back to us and shares that she has nowhere else to go where she feels loved, cared for, accepted as she is, and valued as a person. She has had so much taken from her and we are who she chooses to come to, not only for healthcare, but also for hope.

Through your Colorado Gives Donation, your gift will help to provide hope for men and women like Sarah as they seek help during a time of confusion and anxiety. In 2019, it is our goal to serve 150 more men and women in our community through pregnancy testing, STI testing, professional relationship counseling, and other supportive services. Will you join us?

This Colorado Gives Day, please join us in providing hope, healing, and support for women and men  in our community by donating at . We cannot do this work without your support!

(*Name changed to protect client identity)